About Us

Trijaya Union was first opened in 15 November 1978. Being one of the longest operating bus manufacturers in Indonesia, Trijaya Union has greatly diversified and developed beyond its core business of bus manufacturing to other ventures (however still within the automotive industry). Trijaya Union now serves the bus components market as well through manufacturing bus seats and fibre. Over the course of time it has been running, Trijaya Union has also expanded from manufacturing to establishing assembly lines for bus chassis and driving boards.

Customer satisfaction is essentially the heart of Trijaya Union. We strive in providing customers with the best quality products and first class services as your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We believe innovation is the key ingredient to providing quality products and thus, we continually develop our team by creating room for innovative thinking that is fueled by creativity. Simultaneously, we are constantly improving our company systems to enhance efficiency in order to provide customers with the best services.

We apply a pre-treatment system with chemical processes such as surface conditioning in the form of phosphating to the body components to ensure prevention of corrosion and rust. This results in higher durability of the bus. Trijaya Union is well known to assemble very strong and stable body construction that is able to withstand all terrains or weather barriers.


Our vision is to develop a distinguished product that could be proudly identified with Trijaya Union as well as become an organisation that is able to bring positive and beneficial impact to our staffs, customers, suppliers and our country, Indonesia.


  1. Prioritising customer satisfaction by offering a superior product backed by creative innovation complementary with the highest standard of service.
  2. Foster harmonisation and synergy between the interest of the organisation as well as the personnel in integrity and unity for the agreed purpose of meeting the vision and mission of Trijaya Union.
  3. Emphasise the importance of efficiency and productivity in order to reap benefits for customers, fellow staffs, suppliers and our country.
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